Foundation For Saving Karol Scheibler's Chapel

Remembering the past is one of the determinants of the culture of every society. Remembering includes taking care of the buildings that are witnesses to history. This awareness gave rise to the initiative to establish the Foundation.. One of the first initiatives of Founding Committee of Foundation that was executed together with The Society of Watching the Monuments in £ód¼ in October 2002 was reconstruction of a primary polish sentence on the facade of the chapel:
Pamiêci Karola Scheibler
(In memory of Karol Scheibler)

At present, also with the help of mentioned Society, there is restoration of cast-iron entrance doors in process.
In the near future the preparing of restoration program and estimation of its costs is planned. It will make possible affords to achieve proper funds from different sources which we then hope to find. We would appreciate any help in this point.
Our desire is to turn this chapel during nearest years into main tourist attraction of £ód¼, to allow it draw the attention of tourists from the whole world. Inside we would like to prepare an exposition showing the evolution of industrial £ód¼ and family Scheibler's contribution to it.
Saving the Scheibler's chapel should be our common matter. We should do as much as we can that this great monument of architecture got restored and regained the lost beauty.